Choosing Your Builder

Why This Is A Critical Decision For Your Custom Home

How to Choose Your Builder

When you are searching for a builder, your builder will determine the success of your home construction project for “life”. The value, service, quality, and pricing are not the same for every builder. Your decision must be carefully considered.

The wrong choice can have devastating effects – unmet schedules, cost overruns, low quality, unmet expectations, increased long term costs, incomplete projects, etc. The right choice in a builder will result in a successful project and your expectations will be met.

Incorporating finishes and great curb appeal is not necessarily quality. True quality should be measured by long term performance, energy efficiency, maintenance costs and craftsmanship. Curb appeal is important, but the true measure of quality, however, is in the things that you cannot see like the foundation, framing, flashing, insulation, and HVAC system.

Building a new home will be exciting, but the process may cause some stressful moments. Consequently, phone calls and emails should be responded to promptly. Your builder should always get back to you in a timely manner.

three story residential property with large driveway and three car garage
Single story spanish style ranch home with a for sale sign
Large, traditional three story brick home in front of a tree line with an "open" sign in the yard
A large custom home in a residential neighbor with stone veneer

Only Use Products That Have Been Thoroughly Tested

Products of greater quality typically cost more than products of lesser quality, however, there are some exceptions to this rule. While price may be the most important factors on some selections, it may not be as important on others. There are not only “first” costs, but also long-term costs. While a low initial cost may look appealing, it is not a true measure of value. Utility bills, maintenance expenses, quality of mechanical systems, efficiency, etc. will all impact the long- term cost and need to be considered.

Unwritten exclusions, low allowances, incomplete scope of work and vague specifications will make a builder’s price appear much lower than it truly is. The price you are quoted at the beginning of this process should be the final price for your turn-key home unless, of course, you make changes along the way. It is imperative that this is understood by both parties at the beginning of the process.

Your builder should listen very carefully to your needs. They should provide references of past as well as current clients. They should suggest and allow you to see homes that they are currently working on and/or homes that have been
completed. Once you enter into a construction agreement, the relationship with your builder will be long term. Choose wisely and carefully.

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